Today I was effectively shutdown on face book. My offense? Commenting on a friends post after he had said that his kid was mugged at school. Seems no one was doing anything about it at the time. Typical, I thought. So there were a lot of replies. Mine was that if it was my kid, I go after the parents with a bat. 

Was that too over the top? Then answer me this, how come when I was growing up we didn’t have school shootings, beat downs and what I just mentioned before? Because we acted like human beings, and yeah, we punched each other out. Someone talked shit behind your back, you confronted them. If it got stupid, you smacked the shit out of each other. It never got to the point of a horrible beating, once the initial anger got out, it was over. Usually we shook hands and it never came up again. 

No one came back with a AR15 and wiped out the bar. We behaved like men and settled our differences like men, no hiding behind a screen name. but that wasn’t my only offense. I stuck up for women, I mocked the idiotic it’s in the bible rhetoric of a hillbilly judge. I said I was going to open a Frozen Embyo Stand with Six Flavors. I was told to remove my comment, I didn’t. Instead I added sprinkles.

So now this shitbag site wants a photo ID and a credit card to “recover” my account. Yeah, like I trust this leaky bitch with my personal information. Facebook is owned by the conservative right, a bunch of fanatics who want a theocracy instead of democracy. And face facts, religion is just a tool to control the ignorant. Notice that Zuckerberg just built what amounts to a fortress in Hawaii. I never thought I’d be the one fighting this fight. Every gain America has made during the 60’s and 70’s is being destroyed. No one speaks out and if you do, your drowned out by the cancel culture and the “woke” whoever the fuck they are.

So yeah, let the country go back to the religious repression of the 50’s and 60’s. The church then told us what movies we could watch and what books we could read. The only difference was that retail stores were closed on Sunday so people could go to church. You know that will never happen because this is corporate America. Slavery is alive & well in the retail arena, remember, corporations are people too. 

I’ve had it with this bullshit, I can see me getting a “visit” down the road. They had a saying back in the 70’s put out by the government. “ Our Flag, Love It or Leave It.” the radical left ( Hippies) had a saying too. “ Our Flag, Fix It or Fuck it. “ Yeah, people we are at that point. 

2 Thoughts on “Fuck Facebook”

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