Facebook is run by jerk offs, seriously it is. I had to think this one over, some people on there I had no other way to contact. I decided to play the fuckin game and show them my photo ID. So I scan my driver’s license front & back, I figure how much info can they grab from that? 

First time I send it, they tell me it takes 48 hours to review it. It gets rejected as “unreadable“ in ten minutes. So I send it 3 more times with the same results. Then I screen grab a picture of a cock & balls and an asshole and send that. Same response. Then I send an email saying that you don’t even look at this stuff. 

Bottom line that I was on some kind of watch list for everything from posting “sexually explicit material” ( a screen shot of a cover from Screw) to making a hate speech (going off against the GOP). So I’m effectively banned.

Or so they thought. I got back on after some advise from people of how to get around the bots. So in order to keep my contacts, I’ll refrain from breaking balls there. I’ll just do it here. And feel free to leave a comment if you like just so I know that someone is reading this stuff. 

It was a bad week, made even worse by four passings. 

Ole Anderson 81 professional wrestler and founding member of the Four Horsemen. 

Charles Dierkop 87 veteran character actor who played Flatnose Curry in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid. He was also in TV’s Police Woman as Royster and has a ton of acting credits. 

Virgil aka Mike Jones 61 the Milion Dollar Man’s bodyguard professional wrestler and WWE Superstar. 

Richard Lewis 74 stand up comic and actor. 

It sucks to lose people that we grew up watching and I had known Virgil from my days on the con circuit. I try to keep the memories of these folks alive. Have a great weekend and stay cool.

5 Thoughts on “The Continuing Facebook Story”

  • Fuck social media. I still remember you taking a cell phone and breaking it at cinema wasteland years ago saying how you miss people talking face to face before your panel or hooker story.

  • Totally agree about Faceschnook. I bought a chainsaw from someone on their site. They sent me two metal rings connected by a scored steel cord that was 8 inches long. I got my refund through paypal. Whenever I saw them posting the same scam, I would post a buyer beware to warn people of a scam. Guess who Facebook sent a stern warning to? Don’t make waves. Just ordered GR#3. I hexpect good things, but it has a lot of work to do to be as great as GR#2.

  • Damn Pete, I didn’t realize you had a blog going on here. Glad to know, I’ll be hitting this up more often. By the way I seen Grindhouse’s newsletter promoting the new issue! Hope you sell a shitload of copies sir! Keep it coming!

  • Good on ya Pete, Glad to see this website up & running. Hopefully, it’ll grow & become prosperous. Don’t forget Videos can be uploaded right to your site and you can get a Patreon Account so folks can support your cause(s).

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