It’s The Senile vs. the Psychotic for the Soul of Our Nation

Usually I refrain from things like this, but crap has gone way too far. We have no leadership, we have party over country. Both the RNC and the DNC are now no more than two street gangs fighting for control of our lives. When women’s reproductive right, LBGT hated, and blatant racism becomes the focal point of an election, we are fucked. Forget about border security, they wanted it, but the big Orange Shitgibbon said no. Leave it open for 9 more months so he can fix it when he gets elected. 

Four years of Trump, as people fondly remember gas prices were under $2, food was cheaper ,if you could find any that is, Why? Because this ignorant piece of shit ignored a pandemic. But that’s what people seem to want back in power. I wonder if the over 300K that died on his watch would still vote for him? 

Not that Slo Joe is any better. Sanders was what we wanted but when it became apparent that Bernie was actually going to help the average citizen, they dragged Biden out of the nursing home and just handed him the nomination. Did the rich have to pay higher taxes? Hell no, but they wanted to tax what are basically internet garage sale sellers on every dollar they make over $600.

Then he was to lift the federal ban on weed. “we are investigating that .” we are told, Three fuckin years and it’s still a criminal offense, federally, so anyone in power could start raids on state dispensaries and lock up owners and employees as drug dealers. Nice fuckin going Joe, now change your depends. Honestly, he should have stepped down, but too late for that. 

Then we have the 2nd coming of Christ in the Whitehouse. A grifting, pedophile, conman rapist who white nationalists believe will make us a “Christian”  nation. So I guess I have to worry, because being Italian/Irish, I’m not considered white. Don’t believe me? Cool, look it up. Italians were lynched in certain states right along with blacks. More worrying is this slavish worship of Trump. “ You don’t like him because he was not your choice of President. No ,I despise him because I know New York, I know he was a regular at after hours clubs in the 80’s and I know one of the women who “serviced” him at one of these clubs. And like Stormy Daniel’s said, his dick is that small. 

And lets not forget all the coke that went up his nose back then. Then he stated that he never did business with the mob. Seriously? Who controlled construction in New York? John Gotti, that’s who. And what about his places in Atlantic City NJ? Does the name Angelo Bruno ring a bell? If you ran a business in NYC, you did business with the boys in one form or another. My theory is that when it became apparent that Trump wasn’t paying his debts, that debt was sold to the Russian Mob. And who runs that show? Putin, that’s who. 

Now the completely Red MAGA state of Alabama just ruled that frozen embryos are people. Candidate Nikki Haily agreed, so fuck her too. So now if you drop a frozen embryo, well that’s murder in Alabama. Notice that it’s all the ass backward states like Alabama, Mississippi, etc., with the highest poverty and illiteracy rate are the most repressive state in the country, yet policy is dictated by the Jesus felating zealots. The judge who ruled on this says he got it from the bible.

Seriously , WHAT THE FUCK? People who wrote the bible didn’t know what an embryo even was and odds are, they couldn’t spell it. This is just more old white men exerting control over a woman’s reproductive rights. Yeah, in a state where fucking farm animals is legal. Next they will probably try to bring back slavery. Remember how Neo Nazi, Ron DeSantis said that slavery taught slaves valuable skills? Yeah, like picking cotton and watching your master rape you wife and kids.

In the 71 years I have been alive, I’m am truly disgusted with my country. The cancel culture has caused movies like The French Connection to be reworked so they are more in tune to today’s overly triggered audiences. In other words, pussies. In today’s world, Blazing Saddles would run about 7 minutes. Movies we love will vanish in time as certain people just want the past erased.

Ronald Regan was the start of our downfall. Another “celebrity” voted into office because he was a movie star. My parents voted him in because of that. Then we had GW Bush, our special needs president. They we got celebrity apprentice star Trump. And his cheeze whiz eating ,welfare collection trailer trash fans voted him in because he could “fire” people . 

And we learned there is a lot more trailer trash out there than anyone realized. 

We have dinosaurs running our country. Mitch McConnell, two mini strokes in front of cameras, but he’s still there. Diane Feinstein is dead, but is still cashing checks. Notice how many congress people retire as millionaires. The grift is so good that they don’t want to let go. Bottom line, we elect these scumbags and they don’t work for us. I have nothing else to say, it just sad to see what was the greatest country in the world falling into the hands of a wannabe dictator.  


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