Enter At Your Own Risk

Well first, my sincerest thanks to Marc, Jamie and all the other fine folks at Fusebox for making this happen. I created 42nd Street Pete over 30 years ago as a joke on Mike Vraney, the boss of Something Weird Video. The joke was on me because 42nd Street Pete is still going strong. 

So what can fans expect from this site? Well, I’ll talk about all kinds of grindhouse movies. And there are a lot of them that encompass all genres — horror movies, spaghetti westerns, biker films, Mondo movies, true crime, sexploitation, exploitation, porn, roughies, gangster movies, war movies — and the people who made them and appeared in them.

You won’t see any Friday the 13ths, Saws, Halloweens, or Freddy Kruger. No mainstream pablum here, just raw meat. Also wrestling before it became sports entertainment. Plus encounters with mobsters, hitmen, hookers, con men, drug dealers and more, as I spent many years hanging out on 42nd Street. 

Plus stories of dealing with and working for the notorious New York City Liquidators. I did conventions for 30 years: Chiller Theatre, Monster Mania, Cinema Wasteland and others, so I have a lot of stories about those times. This site will give you an opportunity to buy my books and magazine that have been officially banned from Amazon, plus you will have a link to After Hours Cinema when you can purchase my smut collections on DVD.

I will also be talking about other people’s work and projects. Grindhouse Resurrection is my newest magazine venture and issue #3 will be finished shortly. The issue will be dedicated to my dear friend, Gary Kent, who passed away this year. It won’t be all about just Gary; there will be other articles as well. I will also be talking about other publications that I find cool. 

I am not for everyone. I have no filter. I talk in the language of the streets that I grew up on. I am not politically correct. I call things as I see them and candy coat nothing. So if you’re overly sensitive or easily triggered, you have been warned. Now it’s time to pop one open, fire one up, and go back to the bad old days where you could only see these movies in the run down theaters on 42nd Street. 

Thanks for checking us out and stay sick, but stay safe!

— The man, the myth, the moving violation: 42nd Street Pete