To everyone who has purchased Grindhouse Resurrection # 3, my sincere thanks. When you buy, your dealing directly with me as I personally pack & ship each order. That is why I haven’t posted anything for a bit as I produce episodes for the you tube channel and I run to the post office everyday.

For Canadian and overseas fans, I have all my products on Ebay under blackjackmorgan . They have a global shipping program with rates a lot cheaper than I can offer. It’s like $25 just to ship one magazine to Canada. So inasmuch as I don’t like Ebay, I keep the listing there to save fans $$ on the shipping.  

Now the question is will Grindhouse Resurrection continue? Well, if I break even on this issue, we are going to try and move forward. One idea I had was to re brand the mag just using the initials GHR and the # of the issue. We will use stealth & treachery to beat the system. 

Another question I was asked is am I going to continue to release anymore DVDS? Well it looks like I am, but not though after Hours. All my stuff will be still carried by After Hours. There are no issues there, it was just time to move on. I am involved with a new company and the first release will be another loop compilation. This could be my last go around with this stuff or a new beginning. 

Being that people are so easily “triggered” these days, I’m going to put some of the more twisted 8mm loops on this release, plus I am in possession of the most notorious, soul corroding loop ever to be shown in a 42nd Street Peep Show. The package will filled with extras, so stay tuned. 

We just got finished with the Superbowl, now we have to deal with Dementia Bowl until November. It’s Senility vs. Psychosis in a battle for the soul of our nation. Is this the best we can do, two doddering old men? One who will sink lower than a turd at the bottom of a toilet . It is truly sad that we got to a point where because of this orange asshole, death threats are now the norm. Racism is the norm and if this motherfucker doesn’t go to jail for insurrection, I think America is doomed. But that’s just my opinion. 

Again I thank everyone for their support. Stay sick, but stay safe, 42P.

2 Thoughts on “Update As I Have Been Really Busy”

  • Yeah, they were, but your’s wasn’t there was a lot of shit going on and your article didn’t get published. it will be in the next one and there will be a next one. Send me your address as me getting booted from facebook I lost all my contacts. i’ll send you issue 3. sorry your article didn’t get printed. John had sent it in and though they had included it, but they didn’t.

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