Horror Conventions Have Jumped The Shark

Quote : Mad Monster Party: Don’t Invite Actual Monsters. Seems this con booked sexual predator, Kevin Spacey for some reason. Feedback from attendees is being censored by the promoters. There is a lot of outrage over this booking. What does Spacey have to do with monsters? Not a damn thing but now this con is saying they are “pop culture” now. 

Hell every fuckin horror con is now a pop culture con. Why? Because real stars like Sid Haig, Gary Klar, George Romero, Wes Craven, Tobe Hooper, HG Lewis ect are all gone. So every con is now overloaded with out of work actors, washed up rock stars and retired pro wrestlers. William Shatner is appearing at Chiller for one day. I don’t know if this if before or after his appearance at the Hartville flea Market in Ohio. 

Hey Bill, at 93, do you really need to keep ripping off fans for $100 a signature? I did cons for 30 years and I bailed in 2018. Why? Because the vibe is dead, they are nothing more than a cash grab for needy fans who need that 30 seconds with a celebrity so they can tell their friends they hung out with a guy who didn’t even make eye contact with them. 

 I was asked to come back to a certain con so I could sell pictures of myself and charge for selfies. Seriously, fuck that shit. I have never had to stoop to that level to rip off my fans that have been loyal to me for decades. I have never denied anyone my signature or picture for free. I have never turned down an interview or charged for one. 

It makes me sick to see what these shows have turned into. But going back to Mad Monster Party, what the fuck are you thinking? Obviously Spacey is having trouble finding work, so you just had to book a homosexual rapist. And please stop saying these shows are ‘family” friendly. Gary Busey got arrested at Monster Mania for sexual assault, something the promoter was loath to deal with until Gary’s latest victim called the police. Promoters tend to ignore fans complaints about guests because they are marks for certain guests. Trust me, people, 30 years I have seen some really fucked up shit. 

 Then you have the slugs that feel they are the end all be all to certain cons. They are ‘guests” at every show. They are talent less hacks who make films that no one seems to watch, put out exploitation magazines that have nothing exploitive in them, and bad mouth anyone who actually does something cool. 

It is sad to see what was once cool just turn into another corporate cash grab. I treasure my moments with guests like Zacherly, Dave Friedman, and others who actually appreciated their fans and never ripped them off. 


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