Excuse my absence but since April I have been on a down hill slide. It started with both of my dogs needing medical attention. One needs a shot of a miracle drug, Librella, to keep her going. The other needed to have her tail amputated and two large growths removed from her neck. This has just about wiped out my resources. 

But then it gets better. On June 8th, I was going to a book sale . I woke up with a pain in my right side. I thought one on the patches on a hernia went south. So I go to the ER and go though the hoops. They order a CAT scan, then someone runs out and tells me that my appendix is about to burst, so I’m rushed into emergency surgery.  I survived. 

Back story here is that my PCP, who knew about the situation, never bothered to return my calls. My veterinarian returns calls, but my doctor won’t, how fucked up is that ? I reached out to state agencies that are supposed to help seniors. I’m still waiting for a call back. So I was told by one of the women who runs the food pantry, yeah, I have to go there because my money runs out mid month, told me that no one is going to call me back because they are understaffed and no one wants to work.

So where are they getting their money? Obviously with the amount of people not working, there has to be a money tree somewhere that I’m missing. But she is right, no one here wants to work. I grew up cutting lawns, shoveling snow, etc, for my money. What happened?

Even more disturbing to me was the “debate” or mumble fest. This is the real shit show. Two men, in cognitive decline, want to be president. The DNC’s “trap” for Trump backfired. They figured he’d no show it, but he didn’t. 10 minutes in, Biden shit’s the bed. I turn it off. “ I was tired, I had a cold, hey, I don’t care, but you just showed that you’re weak and we can’t have weak right now. 

Project 2025 will be the end of people like me. We will be a theocracy, women are already being made 2nd class citizens. They will purge us just like the Nazis purged the Jews. This is history repeating itself and no one seems to care. Every fuckin’ election is us picking the lesser of two evils. Biden got in because he can be controlled. Bernie sanders couldn’t be controlled and that scared the shit out of the DNC. So dust off Joe, problem solved. But now you can’t dust off Joe because he’s turning to dust.
Joe needs to step down, he can’t be removed, he has to make the choice. We don’t need leaders with one foot in the grave. But that’s what we get. If trump gets elected, that will be the end for me. “I’d rather die on my feet than serve on my knees”. 

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