I moved here 13 years ago . One of the first things that I did was adopt a dog. Bootz is a mix of Lab, German short haired pointer, Boxer & Pitbull. She was abused and dumped out on the street. I took her in and it took a lot of work to counteract the abuse. I also adopted another dog a couple of years later. 

The money I have invested in their care could have bought me a new car. But you make a commitment when you adopt a dog. They are not toys that you discard when they get ill or people tire of them. They are loving, feeling beings and you become their life. Last week Bootz could not stand or walk. I spent two nights on the floor with her as I couldn’t let her try to get on the bed. 

I got her to the vet which wasn’t easy as she weighs 77 pounds. Xray showed arthritis in her spine, hips and back legs. The vet suggested an injection that would have to be given once a month. The shot did work wonders, but on Easter Sunday, she was limping again . I called the Vet and was going to pay the emergency fee, but they told me to up herb pain meds and bring her in today. My Vet bills for the last two weeks are over $1500. Good thing I cashed in my life insurance. 

I am not keeping her going for my own gratification, that’s bullshit. I have seen vets con clients into doing chemo and other expensive treatments only to lose the animal. As long as she is pain free and her quality of life is good, she stays here. When I and the Vet feels it her time, I’ll say goodbye. She has been the only constant in my life for the last 13 years. So called friends have walked away from me, but I’ll never not take care of my girls. 

That shot is over $100 a month, but I don’t care, they have always come before me and I’ll care for them and protect them ,even if I go broke doing it. Bootz was stuck to me 24/7 over the weekend. She is scared, I put things aside so I’m there for her. It isn’t easy, but I do my best. 

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