First, a big thank you to all who have contacted me about the situation. I will not be toning it down as some people have suggested. That isn’t what I’m about. I won’t be doing anymore Show & Tell episodes because that’s what triggered this shitstorm. 

It’s really sad that people feel the only way to deal with their own shortcomings is to attack other people who are just doing their thing. Am I hurting anyone with my channel? No, I’m not. Do I push the envelope at times, well yeah. When you have the simple choice of just turning off the channel if what I do offends you, I don’t get the run & bitch to YouTube mentality.

Are you that much of a pussy? Did you tell your Mommy that Uncle Pete said something to hurt your feelings? Well in the overall scheme of things, your not just hurting me, you hurting the 1800 subscribers that enjoy what I’m doing. So my message to the haters is simple: grow a pair. You have a problem with me, contact me directly, I’m not that hard to find.

To the good people, thank you, your support means a lot. 

Stay sick, but stay safe. 42P

2 Thoughts on “Back on YouTube”

  • I just recently discovered your YouTube channel, so I’m not sure what happened . Sounds like some sensitive people got offended (shocker!)

    I went to a few grindhouse theaters back in the 80s, including on 42nd Street. I really appreciate the stories about the theaters, movies and patrons. Takes me back to a simpler time when you could see a good trashy movie in an even trashier theater! You don’t get that experience at the multiplex.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Pete, I’m glad you’re back! I love your show! I would like to offer a suggestion! As I never trusted youtube, I have put my channel on youtube, Rumble and Odysee! I really think you should do the same!
    Here is the link to Odysee!
    Stay Groovy!

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