The Gunfighters of the Drunken Master Trilogy: A Post Apocalyptic Spaghetti Western book cover

The Gunfighters of the Drunken Master Trilogy: A Post Apocalyptic Spaghetti Western, by Pete Chiarella

Book One: Solar flares have dried up the planet Earth. The only liquids that remain are in glass or plastic bottles, which leaves plenty of liquor laying around. Drunken, nomadic gunmen have shoot outs, but one man, the Drunken Master, rules the wasteland until a rival cripples his gun hand. The Drunken Master puts out a bounty: 100 cases of water for the head of his rival. This brings the worst of the worst to try and claim the reward. First there is The Blindman; he’s not really blind but pretty fuckin’ nearsighted, so he uses a shotgun. He has a huge cur that travels with him called Dog. Then there’s Nydia the roller derby Queen, Coffin Jack White, Ruby the Dyke, Cop Warren, Sluggo, Wong Duck, and the Martinez brothers.  Who will take out The Drunken Master?  Violent, politically incorrect, and not for the easily triggered. 

Book Two: Unhappy Hour. Blindman and company are joined by some of Blindman’s former associates. They tell him that not only did they survive, so did members of ISIS. The black clad scum are butchering survivors. Blindman and his friends need to get help, so they recruit some very dangerous people: a Mafia don and his bodyguard, a sharpshooter, The Shotgun Girls, a butcher, The Fastest Gun Alive, The Reverend Hellfire and Sister Mary Gangbang, two huge wrestlers, a pyromaniac with a tanker full of gasoline, a midget scientist, The Sarge, and the last members of America’s most infamous motorcycle club. Will they be enough to give ISIS a real Unhappy Hour? 

Book Three: Last Call? Someone is putting a reward out for stragglers to be brought to a place called Barter Town. It seems they are trading drugs for captives. The last President is dying of a blood disease and his cult is keeping him alive. One type of blood will cure him and who has that type of blood? The Blindman, that’s who. Facing an army of drug addicts and cultists, will Blindman and his friends take the fight to them? Violence, betrayal and a shocking conclusion. Will this really be Blindman’s Last Call?

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